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Leigh Carroll

Leigh was born and raised on the Rhode Island coast and currently lives there with her husband. She graduated nursing school from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island and soon after moved up to Boston to pursue a calling in hospice and palliative care. This was an extremely formative experience as she watched patient after patient die from preventable causes. It was during this time that she learned how important a healthy lifestyle can be in the prevention of many disease processes and decided to make a change. After moving back home to Rhode Island, she began working as a medical-surgical nurse and pursued a master's degree in nutrition from Lasell University. Through her own personal experience and listening to the stories of women around her, she became increasingly interested in women's health; specifically, fertility and prenatal well-being. Leigh is also a National Board-Certified Health Coach and when she is not working at RHM, she works as a health coach to help women improve their lifestyle for overall health, fertility and to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. In her free time, Leigh enjoys baking, running, hiking through New England and being on the water. Leigh and her husband are currently expecting their first child and could not be more excited for the journey ahead!

Registered Nurse, Health Coach

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Mollie Such

Mollie is a native of the mountains of eastern Kentucky. She attended the University of Kentucky where she received a BS in Dietetics and an MS in Nutrition and Food Systems. She began her career as a clinical dietitian working in hospital and outpatient settings. She fell in love with meeting patients wherever they were along their health journey and supporting them to grow in knowledge, motivation, and confidence. Mollie has accompanied many friends and family who have struggled with infertility but has seen the healing and restoration that can come from individualized nutrition care. Mollie resides in Lexington, KY with her husband and three children. She loves cooking and feeding her family and whoever else ends up around the dinner table. In her free time, she enjoys biking, hiking, and (every now and then) beating her husband in chess.

Health Coach


Karly Dunnigan

Karly is a native of Tennessee and graduated from Furman University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration.  Upon graduation Karly spent time in Austin, TX working in the natural food industry inspired by her love of food and nutrition.  Then she pursued missionary work with FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) at the University of Alabama Birmingham.  While mentoring college women with FOCUS and simultaneously walking her own journey of reproductive healing, Karly’s desire grew in wanting to help women understand their nutrition, menstrual cycles and restorative care options.  Karly lives in Birmingham, AL with her husband, James and daughter Edith.  In her free time Karly loves enjoying the outdoors, being at the lake, cooking, bible study, staying active, and strolling farmers markets all with family and friends.  Karly is so grateful to be a part of the RHM team.

Health Coach



Kathleen Jimenez

Kathleen is a graduate of The University of Alabama. She began at RHM as a patient charting with FEMM thorough Carolina Lyon. Through learning about RHM and their mission, she felt drawn to be a part of RHM and help other women conceive as RHM helped her. She has a passion for helping others and is excited to share in this at RHM. In her pastime, she loves spending time with her wonderful husband Patrick and daughter Violet, coffee dates with her husband, and baking all types of sweets!

Medical Assistant



Kayla Glenn

Kayla is a wife to Connor and mother to Cyrus and Nico, who keep her active and filled with joy. Living in Iowa, she works as a FEMM Educator from her home and absolutely loves what she does. After years of hormonal birth control use, Kayla had a feeling that she might feel better off of it. After researching different options, her and her husband decided that a fertility awareness based method would probably be a good fit for them. Turns out, it absolutely was. Not only did Kayla and her husband successfully avoid and achieve pregnancy while using the Creighton Method, Kayla found a new passion for holistic living and informed choice. When the opportunity to take the FEMM Certification course was offered to her, Kayla immediately accepted and pursued it head on, knowing this was the path God wanted her on. She now teaches women from all over how amazing and unique their bodies are, along with traveling to her surrounding areas to educate and build a network among providers. Aside from learning all that she can about women’s reproductive health, Kayla loves to spend time with family and friends, go thrift shopping, spin yarn, and learn new crafts, all with her boys in tow!

Health Advocate Director; FEMM Instructor

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Johnna Wilford

Johnna Wilford grew up in Montgomery, Alabama. She received her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and MA in Biocultural Anthropology from the University of Alabama. When she graduated, she spent time working in Los Angeles while simultaneously earning an MBA in Nonprofit Management. After the excitement of city life wore off, she moved to Lexington, KY where she currently lives with her husband and son. Johnna learned about natural family planning/fertility awareness during her engagement and became so passionate about charting that she decided to become certified to teach other women this life-changing tool. Other interests include: Taylor Swift, reading, and teaching group fitness classes. Johnna is excited to be a part of RHM’s work to get to the root cause of women's health problems.

FEMM Health Educator


Kelly Castleberry

Kelly grew up in Marietta, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1999 with a business degree, marrying the love of her life one month later! Her dream of becoming a mom soon after getting married didn’t quite pan out like she’d hoped – she was put through the ringer with infertility, adoption, and surprise pregnancy. After several years of being a stay-at-home mom, she became a Certified FertilityCare Practitioner and provides natural family planning/fertility awareness education using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System to adolescent girls, women, and couples. Kelly became Catholic in 2013 and has attended and volunteered at St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church for over 10 years. Outside of work, Kelly enjoys traveling and attending Yacht Rock concerts and sporting events. Kelly resides in Dunwoody with her husband Mark, where they are devoted parents to their son and daughter, along with their two cats.

BBA, FCP, Health Educator


Tori Granelli  

Tori is from Atlanta, GA. She went to Georgia Tech for undergrad and studied biomedical engineering. Through learning about the Catholic teaching on natural family planning, she started to blend her faith and her studies. She did a project using a basal body thermometer to help identify ovulation. After this exciting project, she found RHM as a patient in 2021. Through the incredible staff at RHM she has been on a journey of hormone healing, and it has helped her live a happy and sustainable life! After graduating, she joined FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) as a campus missionary serving at the University of Oklahoma. She loved working with women in Greek Life - especially teaching them of the dignity of their bodies and how to live authentic femininity through instructing FEMM classes! She recently got engaged and is relocating to Boston, MA! She is so excited to help women live as they were made to be!

FEMM Health Educator


Amanda Morley

Amanda attended the University of Georgia and Kennesaw State University, graduating from Nursing School in 2015. She then worked at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for three years as a pediatric Emergency Room nurse. Her love of serving others and passion for her Catholic faith led her to serve as a campus missionary with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students from 2018-2022. Her husband and daughter now live in Kennesaw, Ga and attend the St. Catherine of Siena Parish. She shares her time working as a pediatric nurse at a children’s urgent care, and teaching couples the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning online. She is excited to bring her love of women and families to this practice, to teach the Marquette Method of family planning to clients through RHM!

Marquette Health Educator

Leah Hatton

Leah Hatton

Leah is a certified pediatric nurse and has been teaching the Marquette Method since 2020. From 2017-2021, she worked at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, specializing in endocrinology and gastroenterology. She also worked simultaneously at Kennestone hospital on the postpartum floor caring for moms and babies. In 2021, she moved to Alexandria, VA where she currently resides with her husband and daughter. They attend the Basilica of Saint Mary and are very active in the local catholic community. She currently splits her time between being a stay at home mom and teaching the Marquette Method of NFP to women and couples, both online and in her home diocese. Leah is passionate about empowering women with the knowledge of their bodies and cycles, especially those struggling with miscarriages or infertility! She looks forward to sharing the Marquette Method with you.

Marquette Health Educator



Kaetlin Hermes

Kaetlin attended Fort Hays State University and graduated in 2018. Her first job was as an emergency room nurse near Kansas City.  Eventually, she and her husband moved to a farm in Kansas where they could be close to family and raise their three young children. Kaetlin decided to start teaching the Marquette Method because she found it so helpful to herself and a huge benefit to her marriage, and she wanted other women in her diocese to have local access to the method.  In addition to teaching the Marquette Method, she currently works part-time at St. Gianna Family Medicine in Wichita, KS.  In her free time, you can find Kaetlin and her family spending time with their St. Mark’s parish family, caring for the farm animals, or working in the garden. She is excited to work with the women at RHM and help them learn about their cycles and their health. 

Marquette Health Educator


Brigid McEneany

 Brigid McEneany is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas, but lived in Hanceville, Alabama for over twenty years. She has recently moved to the Atlanta area to work for RHM Gynecology. Brigid most recently worked as the main receptionist for St. Vincent’s cardiology clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. Before that, she worked for six years in the giftshop, at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama. Brigid is currently working on obtaining her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, with hopes to eventually get a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She loves spending time with family and friends, reading, music, and traveling. Brigid is very excited for this opportunity to join the team of RHM Gynecology, to be able to have a part in helping women with their reproductive health in an uplifting, God-centered environment!

Administrative Director


Carol Garrison

Carol was born in Chicago but her family relocated to Decatur, GA when she was 6 and that is where she grew up. Carol moved to Roswell 6 years ago. She has 2 wonderful children and 3 precious grandchildren who also live in Roswell. Carol worked in her family's businesses most of her life. She decided in 2000 to do something different and accepted a job with Dr. Kathleen Raviele, a well known NFP only gynecologist. Carol worked for Dr. Raviele for 18 years. She came on board with Dr. Kongoasa a year ago filing claims and doing his bookkeeping. Carol feels so blessed to be a part of his team



Agatha Loh Nee

Originally from Malaysia, Agatha earned her Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Manchester, followed by her Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Staffordshire University, both in the United Kingdom. She then practiced Corporate and Commercial Law in a law firm, and later on, worked as a Legal Counsel of a multinational company, before moving to the States with her husband. After staying at home with their five children, Agatha is excited to be back at work, albeit in another field. She is looking forward to serving women as part of the RHM team. Outside of work, Agatha enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at her children’s schools, reading, music, and traveling. Agatha is also active in her parish at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church.

Administrative Coordinator


Jaclyn Brown

Jackie graduated from the University of Florida in 2006 and spent over a decade working in forensics in Tampa.  She met her husband while running a half marathon in Orlando, and moved to Birmingham in 2019 after they married.  An enthusiastic reader of the history of science and medicine, Jackie is excited to help RHM in their restorative and holistic approach to women’s health.  In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, and cross-stitching.  Jackie is pursuing training in massage therapy and hopes to become a massage therapist in 2023.  She travels with her husband across the country, with the goal of completing a half marathon in all fifty states.

CRRS Surgical Coordinator


Laura Bush

Originally from the Midwest but growing up in Alabama, Laura has spent the last three years working at St. Bernard's Prep School in Cullman, AL as the Girls Dorm Director. Previously working at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament and now working for RHM, she has had a good combination of work experiences! Laura is always ready for an adventure and has been able to travel to a few different countries ,as well as many states around the US. However, a road trip out West is still on her bucket list! She also has a variety of other interests and hobbies that she enjoys including gardening, reading, evening walks to view the sunset and playing sports. Laura is known for making the best chocolate chip cookies. She is excited to be able to work for RHM and to help women with their health. She can't wait until the new Gardendale clinic opens in 2022 to be able to serve patients in office in Alabama!

Front Office Coordinator


Mary Teresa  Cabrera

Mary Teresa was born in Dearborn, MI, but has lived in Alabama most of her life. In 2015 she married her husband who is from the Philippines. They now have two little boys who definitely keep her running! She spent six years working as the housekeeping manager at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL. She has also worked as the weekend Girls Dorm Director at St. Bernard Prep School in Cullman. Mary Teresa completed her associates degree in medical administrative assistant at Wallace State Community College in 2021. She loves spending time with her family, reading, gardening, learning new things, experiencing other cultures and traveling. She has been privileged to visit both Asia and Europe and she highly recommend both! Mary Teresa prayed that she would find a career that had a purpose and would allow her to help people and RHM was placed in her path. She is so excited to be a part of RHM and be able to serve women on their women's health and fertility journey!

Human Resource & Billing Director


Mary Therese Jimenez

Mary Therese is a proud native of the Shenandoah Valley in the state of Virginia. Mary is happily married to her best friend and childhood sweetheart. And together they've been blessed with two very active little boys. In Mary's free time she loves Hiking, Drawing, Singing and Baking. Having suffered most of her life with Endometriosis- Mary feels honored to be a part of RHM and their goal to help women attain healthy fruitful lives. 

Billing Coordinator


Sarah McCaffrey

Sarah McCaffrey was born in Virginia but soon after moved to Alabama with her family,
therefore she proudly calls rural North Alabama her home. Growing up on a 50-acre farm, Sarah found her love for homesteading. She finds joy in training large animals, gardening, forging wild medicinal plants and watching the sun set over nature. Sarah was filled with ambition to spread her wings and explore the world from a young age. She started online college at 16 and began traveling the US. From camping under the stars, to exploring large cities, Sarah found that the Chattanooga, TN area was going to be her new home. From having the ability to go on a hike in nature, to meeting up with a friend in a cozy downtown coffee shop was an impossible opportunity to pass up. Sarah has changed her major 3 times seeking a degree where she can help others. After working for an engineering company creating medical products, Sarah discovered that she could help a wide variety of people in the medical field. While searching for a long-term fit, Sarah discovered RHM and couldn’t be more excited to step into helping provide knowledge in fertility and womans health overall..

Billing Coordinator


Corrie Agnew

Corrie Agnew was born outside of Detroit, MI, but her family relocated to the South when she was 16. She studied English at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and spent a semester living in Austria. During her young adult years, she was a jack of all trades and worked various jobs including nannying, waiting tables, janitorial work, construction, mall studio photographer, home health aide, and retail worker. She met her husband on an online Catholic match site, and convinced him to move from New Jersey to Alabama. They lived there for 11 years before venturing back up north, where they settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. They’ve been married for 18 years and have 9 children. Corrie has also had 4 first trimester losses, including back to back losses in 2021. When she conceived again at the end of that year, she contacted Dr. Kongoasa. Under his care, she made it through the first trimester and went on to deliver a healthy baby girl! She is thankful for the work RHM does and is very happy to now be part of their team. 

Billing Coordinator

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