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Au-then-tic (adjective). Of undisputed origin; genuine.

At RHM, we believe that authentic gynecological care centers primarily on the careful study of a woman's cyclical observations. What causes this daily variation is a delicate interplay of physiology, endocrinology (hormones) and your immune system to bring about ovulation. A disruption of this balance leads to abnormal ovulation and a wide variety of reproductive health issues. Therefore rather than simply treating symptoms, we work cooperatively with our patients to treat the root cause of the problem. We further believe that this is in accordance to the principles of the Hippocratic Oath, where all physicians are called to follow. 

Dr. Nicholas Kongoasa



Common treatments for many gynecological conditions unfortunately focus on the suppression of abnormal function. Additionally, current treatments for infertility focus on the bypassing of abnormal function. These methods do not often last and rarely address the underlying problem.

At RHM, our goal is always to restore function. 

We achieve this by focusing on three main areas: Reproductive Endocrinology, Reproductive Physiology and Reproductive Immunology. Besides following major medical societal guidelines, our restorative medical protocols are largely derived from FEMM/RHRICrMS/NaProTechnology and Marquette University


Collectively we speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

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