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Authentic gynecological care continues to be the center of our practice here at RHM, where our goal is always to restore function. We foremost thank God for the Grace in caring for the health and dignity of our patients.

 As we wrap up 2021, we are thrilled to share our accomplishments as we continue the momentum into 2022.


Medical providers



Nurse practitioner fellow

in training

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Medical visits

No-cost charting


Abortion pill reversal


Charting instructors


This year, RHM welcomed five babies to our family!

Thanks to our patients continual support and prayers, we have grown to twenty staff living in and working from GA, AL, MI, IA, RI and CO. Most of our staff work remotely and part-time to be close to and prioritize the needs of their family.

This year, we transitioned to an excellent electronic medical records system for a better remote workflow and better patient experience.

We are continuing to offer ovulation charting at no cost to our patients.


Since 2020, RHM continues to maintain its American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology Focused Practice Designation in Pediatrics and Adolescent Gynecology.

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We continue to support pregnancy resource centers in GA in the medical care of patients requesting reversal following chemical abortion. We are working with organizations to see how we can make APR a priority, better streamline our collaborative workflow and scale up access and provision in a sustainable manner



RHM had three presentations at the Catholic Medical Association Annual Education Conference this year.

Joyful Accompaniment through Friendship: The Role of Nurses and Health Educators.

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The Patient Encounter: Friendship as the Prerequisite to Joy.

A Business Model: GYN Care Consistent with Catholic Principles.

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PA / NP Postgraduate Fellowship Program in Women’s Reproductive Health

This past August we welcomed our first RHM advanced practitioner fellow, Maureen McCarthy, APRN, from California. During her 12 months here, Maureen will experience a clinically intensive, comprehensive and well-rounded training program in women’s reproductive health. She will receive formal didactic courses from FEMM and the Reproductive Health Research Institute (RHRI). In addition, through our practice's high patient volume and challenging cases, she will learn to utilize various restorative reproductive medical protocols.


Women's Health for Teens (WHT) Program

Women's health education is severely lacking in teens and schools. Topics like menstruation, puberty development, common gynecological problems, healthy relationships, etc. are simply not taught. This is despite the relevance of these topics for this age-group. We intend to meet this unmet need by developing the WHT program with Caitlin leading this initiative. We seek to empower girls with the authentic knowledge of their body, increasing their confidence, and help them make better decisions. Ultimately, the WHT program, through good health, hopes to contribute to the wellbeing of the adolescent girls, allowing them to thrive and achieve their potential to the excellence they are called to be.

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Health Coaching Program

Starting in the new year, we will have a health coaching program with Leigh as our health coach. Some of you may be familiar with Leigh being our nurse before she went on maternity leave. Leigh has a passion for health coaching and has pursued additional training in this area. We hope that our health coaching program will provide our patients the tools to improve their health and lifestyle in a sustainable and lifelong manner.

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In June 2021, we established a nonprofit, Reproductive Health Mission (, with the goal of raising funds for:


  • Fellowship training program in women's reproductive health for NPs and PAs.

  • Accessible ovulation charting instructions for women.

  • Outreach initiatives in reproductive health education for adolescent girls.

  • Restorative reproductive health clinics start-up planning and funding for communities.


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We are excited to announce the opening of our satellite office location in Gardendale, AL, in January 2022. We hope to provide the same, high quality of care for the community in Alabama.

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Finally, we are thankful for all our staff. They are not afraid to ''put out into the deep'' in encountering and accompanying our patients. It has been a true privilege to be working together with such a fantastic and brilliant team. From all of us here at RHM, Merry Christmas!

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