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2023 RHM Gift Giving Guide

The season of gift-giving is upon us! The staff at RHM put their heads together to develop a list of products that we believe would make excellent gifts for anyone looking to improve their health—whether it’s through exercise, eating, or improving sleep.

Contributors included Elizabeth and Hannah from the medical team, as well as staff members Johnna, Frankie, Leigh, Kayla, Agatha, Kelly, and Jackie.

The team at RHM wish good health for you and your family.

For Healthy Movement

Frankie recommends open-ear headphones, like the OpenRun from Shokz.

“They are bone induction, so they aren't in your ears like regular headphones. You can still hear the outside sounds--cars, people, etc.--while also listening to music. They are much safer and also the sound is not as intense as headphones. I prefer it actually! A great gift for your friends or family that like to work out outside!”

For proper hydration, Hannah recommends an electrolyte mix, like LMNT.

From the manufacturer: “LMNT was born from a need. The hard truth is that available electrolyte products are high in sugar and woefully lacking in actual electrolytes. Based on the latest nutritional science, getting adequate electrolytes through these products equates to over 100 grams of added sugar per day. We don’t think anyone needs this amount of sugar. LMNT is formulated with everything you need and nothing you don’t.”

(And what flavors do we suggest? Hannah loves Watermelon Salt and Raspberry Salt, while Jackie enjoys Mango Chili and Chocolate Chai.)

For Healthy Eating

To simplify healthy eating, Agatha recommends a multi-cooker can, like the Instant Pot.

“I find meal prepping--especially vegetables--in the weekend helps. That way I have everything ready to go on busy weeknights!”

Jackie enjoys eggs almost daily and depends on Instant Pot accessories, like the wire egg racks and the heathly bite set, to help stock her kitchen with healthy meals.

“I love anything that makes it easier to enjoy eggs. I use the rack to prepare a week’s supply of hard-boiled eggs, and I use the healthy bite set to make my own egg bites at home!”

For Better Sleep

If your room isn’t completely dark at night, Hannah recommends a weighed eye mask, like the one from Kitsch. If you have experience with sewing, you can also make one yourself.

A sunrise alarm can help make mornings easier. Jackie loves her Restore from Hatch.

“This is still one my favorite Christmas gifts of all time. A gentle sunrise with soft chimes is such an improvement over a blaring alarm ring. There’s also a nighttime routine to help you fall asleep faster—I love the light and sounds of a campfire at sundown. While there is a subscription plan, I find that the standard features provide all the things I need.”

Hannah recommends a magnesium lotion, like MagRelief from Jigsaw.

From the Manufacturer: “Jigsaw MagRelief is a special blend of Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride and OptiMSM, plus certified organic oils. For best results, use after workouts or other exercise activities. Rub the lotion directly onto legs, feet, knees, neck, shoulders, arms, and/or hands, etc.”

For anyone who prefers a cooling sleeping temperature, Kelly recommends a cooling mattress topper, like the Ooler Sleep System by Sleepme.

From the Manufacturer: “A smart thermostat for your bed. Get control of your sleep climate with temperature scheduling & Warm Awake. The OOLER’s advanced active cooling technology keeps your bed at the perfect temperature all night—as low as 55°F!”

Cool Tech

Elizabeth is a fan of grounding, physical contact with the Earth’s electric charge to reduce inflammation and increase circulation, energy, and sleep. If you’re unable to spend a lot of time outside barefoot, she recommends a grounding mat, like the Universal Mat Kit from Earthing.

Kayla and Leigh recommend a wearable sleep and movement tracker like the Oura Ring or the Whoop.

From Oura Ring: “Oura Ring: the most accurate sleep and activity tracker is all about you: it measures the physiological signals of your body, understands your lifestyle, and guides you to make your own optimal daily choices. The ring features scientifically validated sleep tracking and personalized guidance.”

From Whoop: “The most advanced fitness and health wearable. Get personalized insights on your body's recovery, strain, sleep, and health with in-app coaching features designed to help you unlock your best self.”

Johnna recommends Read Your Body, an app for tracking periods, ovulation, health, and fertility. “It's a charting app that is super customizable, and it was created BY charters FOR charters. It's also very good about keeping all data private.”

Of course, too much technology might result in eye strain or tech neck. For eye strain, Elizabeth suggests blue-light glasses. To prevent tech neck, Jackie recommends a monitor stand to elevate your screen. Both are available from multiple vendors at various price points and styles.

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