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We can see new telemedicine patients, both medical and charting, from

GA, AL, VA, and FL (telemedicine only).

*Please note that we are no longer able to see new patients from SC.


Patients that have already established care and who are from other states can remain with us.   

Our office remains open during this COVID-19 pandemic. We realized that we need to stay open so that women are able to receive appropriate care, while minimizing exposure, instead of eventually needing to go to Urgent Care or ER for their gynecological care.


We are currently following CDC guidelines in caring for all patients. As such:


1. We are utilizing Telemedicine for our patient consultations. Any woman from the above licensed states is welcome to schedule an appointment with us for her gynecological care.

2. We are able to send lab and imaging request forms and prescriptions electronically for our patients. Medications from certain pharmacies (retail and compounding) can also be mailed to patients directly. We are able to monitor hormones level remotely for pregnant and non-pregnant patients and adjust medications as needed.

3. We are helping to keep costs down. We are in-network with all the major plans in GA and, nationally, many insurance companies are providing provisions during this pandemic. Hence we will bill our patients' insurance plans for visit and patients will be responsible for their typical in-network responsibilities for an office visit. As always, we encourage our patients to check with their individual insurance plan.

4. We are sanitizing all work areas at least twice daily and exam rooms are sanitized following each patient visit per our normal protocol.

We hope that by doing this we can help to further minimize exposure and together we can #flattenthecurve. Please share this with anyone that you think will benefit from our services.

These are tough times and let's continue to keep one another in our prayers.

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