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Alternative Healing Modalities

How do you think your big toe stays up to date on the latest gossip from the rest of your body all the way down there? Messengers. Or better known as: HORMONES. Okay, so hormones are crazy complex and can get real complicated, real fast. So right now, I'm going to talk about them in the way that helps my brain understand them not a very scientific way.⁠

The body's hormones are like tiny messengers. They are in charge of delivering messages back and forth between the brain and other parts of your body with the hypothalamus being the hormone control center. If your brain wants your ovary to do something, it sends a hormone down to your ovary to deliver the message on what the brain wants it to do. In my mind, it's a lot like the game of telephone. A new message is formed and it now needs to be delivered to the proper location. Your hormones travel through the bloodstream to get to where they need to go, and upon arrival, deliver the message. But what happens if your hormones are not working properly? They could unfortunately deliver the wrong message, a message that isn't clear, or they may not arrive at all. This is why SO 👏🏻 MANY 👏🏻 health issues can be helped by first looking at the hormones. We have to stop isolating our body's systems. You could have gut problems, because of your hormones. You could have frequent UTI's, because of your hormones. You could have skin conditions, because your hormones. So what's causing your hormones to get all messy? We can find that out, and the best place to start, is by charting your cycles.⁠

The following are two natural routes of treatment women have had success with when it comes to healing hormonal issues:

Chiropractic care. I know it seems odd. Chiros are just back crackers right? They just help you improve your posture and help your aches and pains go away, yeah? Nope. Let me explain Chiropractic care how I've come to understand it from a couple different chiropractors that I personally know, one of which I'm treated by on a regular basis (along with my husband, toddler, and baby!).⁠

When your body is out of alignment with your spine, it can cause stress and irritation (inflammation!) on your nerves stemming from your spine. When these nerves are irritated, they are not going to communicate properly with the rest of your body, even more specifically, your endocrine glands. By helping your spine realign and get that stress off of your nerves, your brain has a chance to communicate with those endocrine glands much more efficiently and effectively. The lines of communication become much more clear.⁠

A limited list of chiro care benefits you may not have thought about:⁠

- Improves cognitive function⁠

- Strengthens the immune system⁠

- Calms a hyperactive mind⁠

- Energizes a depressed mind⁠

- Improves sleep⁠

- Improves circulation⁠

- Decreases inflammation⁠

Acupuncture. Okay before you write me off, listen to this. Acupuncture has actually been PROVEN to help with numerous health issues.

So how does acupuncture work? Here's how I understand it:⁠⁠

There are invisible channels, or meridians, that run throughout our body. These channels allow our vital energy to flow freely, however, they sometimes become blocked. When this happens, our body becomes off balance which often times results in pain or illness. To unblock these channels, or to redirect the energy, acupuncture can be preformed using needles, lasers, magnets, or electric pulses. When acupuncture is preformed on different channels, this can stimulate certain organs or glands, restoring our bodies natural energy (and hormone health!). ⁠

A little taste of some health issues acupuncture has been proven to help:⁠

⁠- Depression⁠

- Menstrual cramps (painful periods)⁠

- Induction of labor⁠

- Correcting the position of baby in-utero ⁠

- Morning sickness⁠

Some health issues that acupuncture has had therapeutic effects on, but needs more studies done to be considered proven:

- Acne⁠


- Female infertility⁠

- Lactation deficiency⁠

- PMS⁠

- Labor pain⁠

- Male sexual dysfunction⁠

- Ulcerative colitis (chronic)⁠

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